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Our expertise and passion for quality ensures all our products meet and exceed the highest national and international standards.

The original brake fluid grade. Now mainly recommended for older vehicles.
Provides a higher margin of safety. Recommended by most vehicle manufacturers.
Super DOT 4
For higher performance vehicles.
Advanced low viscosity fluid, to optimise the performance of ESP / ASR systems.
DOT 4 Racing
Provides a combination of very high boiling point and low compressibility.
DOT 5 Silicone
A silicone based brake fluid which is particularly suited to classic cars although it can be used with all conventional brake systems.
DOT 5.1
Excellent all-round fluid for modern vehicles.
DOT 5.1 LV
Our most advanced fluid with the benefits of DOT 5.1 and low viscosity.
ISO 4925
Divided into 4 subsections, this standard covers the needs of most vehicles worldwide.
SAE J1703
Equivalent to DOT 3, this grade is popular for export.
SAE J1704
SAE's equivalent of DOT4.
A mineral-based fluid used for some older Citroëns and other vehicles and applications where specified.
A synthetic oil-based fluid specified for certain suspension, traction control and central locking systems.
A synthetic version of LHM+ used in the steering and suspension systems of certain, more recent Citroën vehicles.

Bespoke blends

Many other grades and specifications are available, including those of the vehicle manufacturers.

Independent approvals against these standards can be provided from internationally renowned laboratories.


The excellence of our products is supported by our own range of packaging. Great attention and care has been invested to ensure it protects the product while in transit, until it is put to use.

We have extensive experience in shipping to worldwide destinations, in the most diverse climates. Global logistics solutions are par for the course for Orthene.

Small pack

Small pack

  • 250ml / 500ml / 1000ml
  • 5 litre
  • Plastic bottles and tins
  • 20 litre container / bag in box
  • 25 litre plastic drums
Large pack

Large pack

  • 220 litre plastic drums
  • 1000 litre IBCs’


  • ISO tankers
  • Flexitanker

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